Paul Osborne software developer based in Cambridge/Norwich, UK

I am a software developer working within the Gaia mission team at the Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge.

linkedIn View my LinkedIn profile for more information.

I was previously working on...

... Grails applications at Apple Bank statement

Working with Apple and Accenture teams in the UK, US and India to migrate and update two public-facing applications to new architectures and technologies.

... an application for helicopter operations in the North Sea iPhone

Technical analysis and specification for an iOS app with a PHP back end and integration with Esri ArcGIS mapping software and other GIS data services.

... a photo-sharing mobile application iPhone

An iOS / Objective-C mobile app with a Grails back-end consisting of web-service, user and admin applications and a Mongo database.

... an application to help optimise logistics networks Bank statement

A Grails application implementing innovative algorithms commissioned at the Institute of Manufacturing at Cambridge University by a startup. The software processed large datasets to identify and optimise inefficiencies in haulage networks. The front-end incorporated incorporated interactive maps and charts.

Some of my open-source work...

Grails plugin: QuickBooks Online Plugin
Grails plugin to simplify development with Intuit QuickBooks Online...
Grails plugin: MongoDB Create-Drop Plugin
Grails plugin providing Grails applications using MongoDB with the ability to mimic the "create-drop" behaviour available...
Grails plugin: MongoDB GridFS

Forked version of an existing Grails Plugin used as part of another current private project.

GitHub See some of my code on my GitHub profile.

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If you are interested in hiring me and are happy with my general terms outlined on this page, simply email me at with a brief outline of your project requirements and then we can go from there. Alternatively, use the form at the bottom of this page.

What is my availability?
I am currently available.
Where do I work?
I mostly work from my home office, near Norwich, but I am happy to travel to meetings and short-term positions within the UK.
How do I approach the work?
It depends. Usually, I follow agile/lean methodologies focusing on test/behaviour-driven development and close user involvement. This typically involves short iterations (1-4 weeks). A milestone is typically reached afer one or more iterations.

Recruitment agents

If you have a specific role which you feel is suitable for me after reading the information on this site, please contact me by email at or use the form below.

How do I charge?

Milestones and billing arrangements are agreed beforehand. If the project has very clear requirements and milestones then I'm usually happy to work on a fixed-price basis if it is of interest. Otherwise, I charge a rate of £500 per day, negotiable depending on the length of the project, travel and accommodation requirements.

To help avoid overly-fragmented work, I typically only take on projects over certain values:

Mobile apps £5000
Web apps £2000
Consultancy / training £1000

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